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Installing McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection (Standalone Installer)

The preferred method of installing McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is the web installer, as this includes the most up-to-date files in the installer package.

However, if you are having trouble using this web-based approach, there is a standalone installer.

  1. Download the following files to your desktop (or some convenient location):


  2. Windows XP/2003:

    Double-click go_vssetup.bat.

    Windows Vista/2008/7:

    Right-click go_vssetup.bat and choose Run as Administrator.

    The installer process will begin.

  3. Once installed, the McAfee agent will begin the download of the latest signatures etc. This may take a while and your system may slow down appreciably while the update is installed.

Manual Uninstaller

If having difficulty installing, this may be due to an earlier version which is not uninstalling properly or a failed installation. Use the manual uninstaller to remedy:

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