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Microsoft Outlook: McAfee “Exchange Scan” Error

When opening Microsoft Outlook you receive an error: The Add-In "Exchange Scan" (C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\VScan\OtlkUI20100320121745.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. (The exact name of OtlkUInnnnnnnnnnnnnn.dll will vary.)

This occurs because McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection has updated itself, installing a new Outlook add-in module, and removing the old one, but it was not able to remove the file from the list of Outlook add-ins.

This doesn't cause a problem except for the startup message.

To resolve:

Outlook 2007

  1. Go to Tools, Trust Center.

  2. Choose Add-ins in the left-hand pane.

  3. At the base of the dialog, choose Manage: Exchange Client Extensions and click Go.

    A dialog appears showing the currently installed extensions, with several instances of Exchange Scan:

    Typically the first entry is the obsolete entry. Untick it and click OK.

  4. If the error message does not go away, repeat the process, but untick another instance of Exchange Scan. Re-tick the others.

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