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Sending Faxes from Fuji-Xerox DocuCentre Printers

Many printers which are capable of sending faxes provide a standalone print driver exclusively for faxing. However some models of Fuji-Xerox DocuCentre combine the fax function with the standard print function.

To send a fax in these models:

  1. Print the document required and select the correct printer:

  2. Click Preferences (or Properties). The Printing Preferences dialog will be shown:

  3. Under Job Type, select Fax, and click OK.

    You will be returned to the Print dialog.

  4. Click Print.

    You will be presented with the Fax Recipient dialog:

  5. Enter the Name and Fax Number, then click To. The name will be added to the list on the right-hand side.

    Continue to add recipients as required.

  6. When completed, click OK.

    You will then be prompted to confirm the recipient list, and also be given an opportunity to send the fax at a later time:

  7. Click OK and the fax will be sent.

If the Fax option is missing, go to Control PanelPrinterPropertiesConfigurationInstallable Options. Ensure Fax Kit or Fax Kit 2 is set to Installed.

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