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Bruce Cadzow

We have a sad announcement for our past and present clients, business partners and colleagues.

Bruce Cadzow, 25-year IT veteran and founder of the Cadzow group, passed away on 20th March 2011. Bruce had spent five years battling various health issues, which he did with stoicism and cheerful determination.

Bruce trained as an accountant (eventually becoming a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs) and spent his early career at Dalgetys and Theodore Bruce, before starting his own practice with wife Marilyn.

They then entered the computer industry when asked to write software for a device which was basically a large calculator. Then they moved into more traditional PC-based software full-time, first on the NEC APC III then onto the MS-DOS platform in the mid-1980s. In the meantime they had also started to sell hardware and became a major distributor and retailer of NEC and Epson equipment, to corporate and government.

Today, 25 years later, people still remark that they bought their first printer from “Cadzow's on Hutt Street”. Many of the team from that time went on to further their careers in IT with major vendors, locally, interstate and even internationally.

After the 1990s recession, the businesses changed focus, moving into training and software. Bruce and Marilyn gradually stepped back from business over a period of a few years, becoming mentors to daughter Melissa who took over more than 10 years ago.

Bruce was the proud father of Scott and Melissa and devoted grandfather to his two grandchildren, Stuart and Caitlin. Wife Marilyn passed away suddenly in July 2009.

He is forever alive in our hearts and in our minds.

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