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How to edit articles

  1. Open the Cadzow software.

  2. From the MAIN MENU, choose CONTENT MANAGER.

  3. Use the SEARCH to find and load the article you wish to change.

  4. Choose MAIN DETAILS.

  5. Make changes, then choose CLOSE and the article is automatically saved.

  6. Load the article in your web browser and check your changes (or if you already have it open press F5 to refresh the page).

Editing Commands

Basic formatting

Bold <b>The cat sat on the mat</b>

Italics <i>The cat sat on the mat</i>

Underline <u>The cat sat on the mat</u>

Small text <small>The cat sat on the mat</small>


Heading 1 style <h1>The cat sat on the mat</h1>

Heading 2 style <h2>The cat sat on the mat</h2>

Heading 3 style <h3>The cat sat on the mat</h2>


An asterisk (*) at the beginning of a line will turn on bullets. However you need to turn off bullets at the end of the list using: *.

* The cat sat on the mat.

* The cat sat on the mat.

* The cat sat on the mat.



Note that the characters < and > have special meaning in web pages, so can’t be used in the ordinary sense. If you really want to use them, use the codes & l t ; and & g t ;

Linking to another page <article=1008>Welcome</a>

Events <events=2>A Year By Year History</A>

Inserting a blank line on a page: <linebreak>

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