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Error 0x80070490 Applying Windows 7 Service Pack 1

When applying Service Pack 1 to Windows 7, the service pack fails, rolls back the changes and reports error 0x80070490 (Element Not Found).

This may be caused by a missing driver. To determine the driver:

  1. Open c:\Windows\inf\

  2. Look for lines similar to:

    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update '<Driver.inf>' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490

  3. Open an elevated command prompt and type:

    pnputil -a <Driver.inf>

    You should then receive:

    Microsoft PnP Utility

    Processing inf : driver.inf

    Driver package added successfully.

    Published name : oem78.inf

    Total attempted: 1

    Number successfully imported: 1

  4. Repeat for each driver instance.

  5. Reapply the service pack.

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