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Windows Live Mail

Obtaining Windows Live Mail

Issue: Too Many Items

Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail may exhibit the following problems:

  • Doesn't send email (messages are stuck in the Outbox);

  • Cannot start a new message.

This may occur if there are a large number of messages in the Inbox (around > 6,000 or so).

Create some folders under the Inbox and move messages into them, to reduce the number in a single folder. For example, separate by year.

Issue: 0x80041161

On starting, Windows Live Mail prompts “Windows Live Mail could not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure that your disk is not full or that you are not out of memory. 0x80041161”.

This may occur if the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant service is disabled. Set the service startup to Automatic and reboot.

Issue: Stays Offline

Windows Live Mail may prompt “You are currently offline. Would you like to go online now?” Answering Yes does not cause Windows Live Mail to go online.

Also, it may report that is unable to find the POP/IMAP host, with error 0x800CCC0D.

This may occur if Internet Explorer is set to operate offline. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools → untick Work Offline.

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