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Environmental Initiatives

Cadzow has a variety of environmental policies and procedures:


Decommissioned, failed or uneconomic electronic equipment, either our own or belonging to clients, is sent to specialist e-waste recyclers. Storage media is erased, or where erasing is not possible, it is sent to industrial shredding, where some recycling is performed afterwards.

Old mobile phones are sent to specialist mobile phone recyclers who often re-commission the devices rather than recycle the components.

Paper Waste

Paper is either re-used or recycled. Confidential paper waste is sent to secure destruction, where it is recycled afterwards.


Where possible, empty ink and toner cartridges are sent for recycling or reuse. Where we have supplied printer consumables and been asked to install them, we will dispose of the empty consumables in a responsible way. (We do not sell refilled or remanufactured printer consumables, except to the extent that manufacturers may recycle some components under their own brand.)


Cadzow uses “green” electricity.

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