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Error Opening ATO Electronic Commerce Interface

After installing the Australian Taxation Office's ECI (Electronic Commerce Interface) and Auskey applications, ECI reports:

    S000 An unexpected error occurred. Scroll down for further details. If you cannot resolve the problem, please contact the ATO.


    Error checking certificate expiry warnings Stack Trace Can not load information from certificate store: Exception loading certificate list: ASN1ConstructedOrdered.getComponent(int)

If you click Select Certificate, an error is presented:

    The certificate you are attempting to utilize is invalid. If the problem persists, contact the ATO ESD Technical Support Centre. (Cannot load information from the certificate store: Exception loading certificate list: ASN1ConstructedOrdered. getComponent(int))

To resolve:

  1. Close ECI.

  2. Install CSI (Common-Use Signing Interface) from

    (As of 2015, CSIinstall.exe seems to have been deprecated from the ATO's website. The URL above is to an archived version at The original URL was

  3. Click StartProgramsCommon-Use Signing InterfaceCSI Management Utility.

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. Under Certificate StoresMicrosoft CAPI Configuration, check Disabled.

  6. Click OK, then Exit.

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