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Using Custom Fields

Cadzow 2000 allows the creation of Custom Fields which provide a place to enter information against organisations in a structured way.

Creating Custom Fields

To create a Custom Field:

  1. Go to Contact Manager and choose Custom Fields.

  2. Choose Organisation under Type, and enter a description under Custom Field.

    (The other fields have a special purpose.)

Add Custom Field Information to Organisations

To add information to an organisation:

  1. Open the organisation's setup screen.

  2. Choose Custom Fields from the Control Panel.

  3. Choose the Custom Field required and enter the relevant information.

Searching for Custom Fields

  1. Go to Contact Manager and choose Enquiries — Contacts.

  2. Under Advanced Search Criteria, choose up to three Custom Fields and the desired search term. Use * to select non-empty fields.

  3. Complete any additional search criteria and choose Next.

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