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How To Make iTunes 11 Look (A Bit) Like iTunes 10

Apple's iTunes 11 features a substantially different look to the previous versions. All features from previous versions are available, albeit in different locations, and much of the display can be reverted to look like iTunes 10.

Menu Bar & Side Bar

  • Side Bar: Press Ctrl-S.

    This enables the side bar which shows the media types, store and playlists.

    This can also be enabled via ViewShow Sidebar.

  • Menu Bar: Press Ctrl-B.

    This can also be accessed via the dropdown list in the top left of the iTunes window:

  • Status Bar: Press Ctrl-/.


The default Music view gives a much less detailed view of the albums and tracks when showing Albums or Artists. If you want more detail and more ability to customize the view, use the Songs view and enable the Column Browser (if not already) with Ctrl-Shift-B.

What Happened to iTunes DJ?

While iTunes is open, right-click the icon in the taskbar and choose Shuffle All Music:

Note that whereas in iTunes 10 and earlier, iTunes DJ allowed the choice of a particular playlist to use, Shuffle All Music simply uses the entire music library. If you want to shuffle a particular playlist, click on that playlist in the Sidebar, and click the Shuffle icon: .


In iTunes 10, the search box causes the current view to filter to show whatever matches the search. For example, if you want to search for an item in a playlist, click on the playlist and search. Only the items in the playlist that match the search will be shown.

In iTunes 11, the search box shows a drop-down list with the various media which matches the search, irrespective of the view context (ie. Music, playlists, apps, movies and so on). You then click on the desired item and the view takes you to that item.

To make the search box behave as in iTunes 10, click the down-arrow next to the maginfying glass and untick Search Entire Library:

What Happened To “Composers” View?

The original iTunes 11.0 removed the Composers view, but it was added back later, so be sure to upgrade to the latest version using Apple Software Update. There is now a dedicated Composers view, but it needs to be enabled under EditPreferencesGeneralShow Composers.

There is also a view via the Songs tab. Right-click along the top bar which shows Artists and Albums, and choose Composers:

The view will show a third option to filter by. This view is much more useful than previously because the composers are not truncated, and the window sizes can be adjusted.

What Happened To “Make iPod/iPad Version”?

This is now under FileCreate New Version.

Where Is The Downloads List?

Downloads have moved from the left-hand pane to a standalone window which may be accessed via the the icon in the top right of the screen:

This icon only appears while there are items being downloaded. The downloads dialog may also be opened with Ctrl-Shift-3.

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