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How to find statistics on users and their bookings?

  1. From the MAIN MENU, choose BOOKING MANAGER.

  2. Choose ENQUIRIES.

  3. Specify the DATE RANGE you are interested in (eg. 01/07/2012 to 21/12/2013).

  4. If you want to limit this to just bookings, choose TYPE = BOOKINGS.

  5. Set any other criteria that interests you (eg. Under ADVANCED II you might want to limit the search to only clients with a particular profile - such as 'wholesale').

  6. Choose NEXT STEP. This gives you a list of all matching transactions.

  7. Near the top of the screen, choose STATISTICAL REPORTS.

  8. Choose General Statistics – User (quantities).

  9. Decide whether you want to print the REPORT CRITERIA (handy for reference) - tick or untick the relevant box.

  10. Choose PRINT/PREVIEW.

Alternatively, if you have Microsoft Excel on your computer, you could export the transaction details to Excel and them sort and sum the transactions in whatever manner you desire. Do steps 1 to 6 above, then choose EXPORT, EXPORT - TRANSACTIONS (BASIC DETAILS), click EXPORT INFORMATION button, specify a filename (or leave as is), then choose EXPORT NOW.

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