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Lost Printer Jobs When Using New Printer Drivers

When attempting to print, you encounter some of the following problems:

  • The print job goes to the printer but doesn't print;

  • The printer doesn't accept any further print jobs until rebooted.

This may occur if you are using a printer driver that includes Windows 8 support on a down-level operating system such as Windows Vista or Windows 7.

To resolve, uninstall the printer driver and install an earlier version which does not specify Windows 8 support.

If an earlier version of the driver is not available on the vendor's website, use the driver included on the CD which shipped with the printer, as these are often older.

If a vendor-provided driver cannot be found, use a generic driver. For example, if the printer is PCL-compatible, install one of the HP Laserjet drivers included with the operating system.

This problem has been observed with the Kyocera 6.x driver set.

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