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Cadzow 2000: “Invalid Database Object Reference”

When exiting Cadzow 2000 you may receive an error dialog saying:

    Invalid database object reference

Clicking OK and Cancel both put the user into a loop and eventually it is possible to close Cadzow 2000.

Also, after closing some screens having edited records in the database, you may receive:

    Couldn't close database 'CADZPROG--Console-0.' Your last change may not have been saved because an internal buffer was locked by another user (whose name was given in the previous message). To avoid losing data, wait for the other user to finish using the record, and then click OK again. If you click Cancel, you may lose changes that haven't been saved.

    The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object invalid or no longer set. (Error Code 64226)

This may happen if the folder containing the workgroup file (.MDW) is read-only, or if the file is damaged.

To compact and possibly repair the MDW file, run COMPMDW.BAT in the Cadzow 2000 “BIN” folder, which will perform a Jet compact/repair on all .MDW files in the ..\CLIENTS folder. This does not require any special administrative permissions or elevated access, just normal read/write access to the folder. This is a safe operation even for MDW files which are not damaged.

If the problem persists, restore a known good .MDW from a backup or verify the folder is writeable.

This issue does not cause any data loss in the Cadzow 2000 database, the error messages only relate to issues within the workgroup file.

Filename may vary.

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