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Case Study: Eaton UPS Power-Cycling Every 7 Days

2020 — We have discovered three Eaton 5S Uninterruptible Power Supplies which seem to power-cycle (almost exactly) every 7 days:

DevicePurchasedFault Started
Eaton 5S 1200VAAugust 2013July 2020
Eaton 5S 1600VAJanuary 2014August 2019
Eaton 5S 1200VAJuly 2016January 2020

The following is a summary of the unexpected power loss on an affected server:

At one site, we conducted an experiment by shutting the server down during the period of the outage. However, when the server was restarted, the UPS tripped shortly after. This suggests that the timing is to do with the amount of time it is handling a load, and not a specific period according to the clock.

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