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Support Services — How It Works

When you contact us with an issue, we will attend to it according to the urgency it requires (“triage”). So please be sure to explain how the issue affects you, and let us know if you think we have misunderstood and are not dealing with it quickly enough.

We prefer contact by email, as it provides the best fit with our communications and workflow processes. However we can also accept issues logging by telephone and SMS. (We no longer provide a fax service.)

If your matter is particularly urgent, please log it by telephone to ensure you have reached a person. Email is subject to various delays and problems and cannot be wholly relied upon in a crisis. (For example the issue may be problems with email!)

The way we respond to your issue depends on many factors.

  • We may deal with it after business hours by establishing a remote connection;

  • We may deal with it immediately via a remote connection;

  • We may discuss it with you;

  • We may send an email to further discuss it, or provide information/resolution;

  • We may visit your site;

  • We may ask you to package up the device and transport it to our office;

  • We may refer you to the original vendor (eg for warranty service). Some hardware issues are best dealt with between you and the vendor directly as they may want to speak to the user and/or arrange site visits.

Generally speaking, if you have contacted us about an issue, and not received a reply by close of business, you should ensure your computer is left on overnight or over the weekend. Generally speaking we will respond to your query by requesting this (if appropriate) but if the issue is logged late in the day you may not see our reply.

Our fixed-fee support services include site visits, and these are not limited to a pre-determined number. If you have an issue which relies on a heightened number of visits, we won't charge an extra fee, or delay an urgent visit until the next billing period. However we won't keep visiting if we advise that a remedy is required which is not acted upon, such as replacing a faulty machine.

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