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Cadzow News: January 2014

Hello, Good Morning and Welcome

Occasionally we present some tips and topics that we hope are useful to our clients and colleagues:

iPhone/iPad Security & Travelling Tips

Travelling with your iPhone is riskier than you might have thought. Here are some tips, and advice about physical security and possible attacks against you and your corporate data.

Windows XP Support Ends

Sure, you've got a few (or a lot of) Windows XP machines still working assiduously. But things are going to get harder from now on, and replacing those workstations should be at the top of your IT to-do list.

The Rise & (Hopefully) Demise Of Power Boards

There really are too many power boards and double adaptors around these days.

Domain Scams

If in doubt about any communications you receive about domains, contact us before taking any further action.

And, it's worth being aware of the various other scams that still do the rounds, including the “I'm from Microsoft and I need to check your computer” which still has legs:

Geoff's Music Nerd Section

It's come to my attention lately that not enough people are aware of Miss Etta James. Her version of At Last is one of the greatest vocal performances in pop music:

On the leading edge of exploring what's possible in rock music is Steven Wilson. His last album, The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories), is magnificent.

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