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Brother Multifunction Printer — Scan To PC

Brother multifunction printer/scanners allow a scan to be sent to a PC on the network, assuming the option was enabled when the Brother software was installed on the PC. However, while it may show the PCs on the network on the scan control panel, the scan isn't sent to the machine.

This may occur if the BrotherNetwork Scanner firewall rule is disabled, missing or not configured properly. Check that a rule exists which allows inbound connections for UDP on port 54925, and is appropriate for your network type (Private, Domain, Public).

Also check the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service is started and listening on port 54925. A quick check is to open a command prompt and enter:

netstat -an | find "54925"

The result should be:

UDP *:*

If the service is not started, and stops immediately upon being started, it means there are no scanner devices in the system, in which case reinstall the software.

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