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CabGENIE Issues

Registration File Missing

On loading CabGENIE (Openup_Cut.xls), Excel presents the following error dialog: “Registration file is missing or corrupt - Please contact AristoCAD”.

This occurs because CabGENIE is attempting to open local registration information from c:\cG_ini.xls.

If the file is missing, copy a default version from C:\Program Files\CabGENIE.


All the paths in CabGENIE are hard-coded to C:\Program Files\CabGENIE.

Evaluation Mode

If CabGENIE displays a message that it is in Evaluation mode, or if the toolbars are missing, or if the INPUT button does not allow addition of entries, this may be because either the hardware key is missing or the drivers are not installed. Use the InstHasp.exe installer to install the required drivers. Note, Windows may detect the hardware key and install drivers but these are not enough; you must use the installer.

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