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SBS 2008 — Email & Internet Not Working After Power Failure

After resuming from a power failure, workstations on a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 network may experience the following problems:

  • Microsoft Outlook shows “Folder last updated” rather than “All folders up to date”.

  • Internet browsing does not work, cannot resolve websites;

  • Inbound email does not arrive (if using the POP3 Downloader);

  • Machines cannot be accessed via TeamViewer, but Remote Desktop access to the server is functioning; and

  • VPN connections appear to work but are assigned APIPA ( addresses and network resources are unavailable.

This may occur if the server booted before the network switch was powered-on. In this situation, some SBS services, assuming there is no network, do not start.

To resolve:

  1. Have all users log out from all workstations.

  2. On the server, open an elevated command prompt and enter:

    net stop DNS /yes

    net start DNS

    net stop DHCPServer /yes

    net start DHCPServer

    net start "Microsoft Exchange Information Store"

    net start "Windows SBS POP3 Connector"

    net stop "Routing and Remote Access" /yes

    net start "Routing and Remote Access"

  3. Users may now log in.

If normal operation does not resume, it may be best to reboot the server, or ideally, do a full shutdown and restart of all devices.

See also SBS 2008 Sticks on “Applying Computer Settings”.

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