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OS X Scanning

  1. To open the Image Capture app, click the magnifying glass (Search) icon in the top right hand corner:

  2. Type Image Capture. Click on Image Capture when it appears in the results list.

  3. The Image Capture app will take a preview of any document in the scanner.

  4. To complete the scan, enter the desired settings as follows:

    KindColour / Black & White
    Resolution300 is suggested
    Use Custom SizeUntick if you want to scan the entire page
    SizeA4 in most cases unless you only want to scan a certain part of the document
    Scan ToDesktop / Documents / Pictures / as required
    FormatTypically JPG (for photos) or PDF (documents)
    Combine into single documentTicked if you wish to merge multiple pages into a single PDF document

  5. Click Scan to finish the scan.

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