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Cancelling Print Jobs Manually

Generally Windows waits for a signal from the printer before cancelling a print job, so if the printer is clogged with a job that it not printing properly, or if the job was interrupted and is now printing gibberish, or if there is an invalid or corrupt job in the queue, causing the spooler to crash, the job will stall and can't be cleared. In which case the jobs can be deleted manually:

  1. Remove paper from the hopper so the printer runs out and stops printing.

  2. Turn the printer off.

  3. Log in as a user with administrative rights. (If not sure, skip this step.)

  4. If using Windows NT/2000/XP/2003:

    Click Start, Run, CMD and click OK.

    If using Windows Vista/2008 or later:

    Open an elevated command prompt.

  5. At the command prompt type:

    net stop spooler /yes

    and press Enter.

  6. Then type:

    del %windir%\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.* /S /Q

    and press Enter.

  7. Type:

    net start spooler

    and press Enter.

  8. Type:


    and press Enter.

  9. Turn the printer on and restock the hopper.

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