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Using Gmail to Email Scans from Multifunction Devices

Gmail accounts by default can only be logged-in via the web or using OAuth. However, if “legacy” support is required, such as using an email client or multifunction device which only supports plain password logins via IMAP, POP or authenticated SMTP, there was previously an option to enable “Less Secure Access”. However this option is being deprecated in May 2022 and any apps or devices that require it will fail to connect.

The remedy is to use App Passwords, which are randomly-generated passwords intended for single use.

  1. Enable two-step authentication on the account from

  2. Once this is done, you will have access to App Passwords:

  3. Choose an app name from the list and enter a description and click Generate. Google will generate a password, which is presented as four 4-character strings but is actually a single 16-character string.

  4. Update the email client or multifunction device to use this password instead of the account's main password.

This technique also makes it easier to delink retired devices as the single App Password can be deleted, rather than requiring a password change on the main account.

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