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Wiping Kyocera Printers For Fun & Profit

When retiring a Kyocera printer, it is good practice to remove information from the device; assuming the console still works.

Log into the console.

  1. Go to Address BookMachine Address Book.

  2. Click Check All and click Delete.

  3. Go to Management SettingsReset.

  4. Click Initialize. Then click Initialize again after being prompted.

    This removes additional settings. This process does not take very long.

  5. Click Security SettingsDevice Security:

  6. Set Reserve a Sanitization Time to On and pick a day and hour to sanitize.

  7. After the sanitization has completed, the console on the printer will show:

  8. Press OK and the console will show Completed. Turn the power switch off and on. Do so.

  9. Also change the password for any email account that was used to send scans/logs etc.

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