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Telstra 5G Modem 2 — A Few Tips

The Telstra 5G Modem 2 is a router (circa 2023) equipped with a SIM to provide a 5G-based internet connection via a traditional router with LAN ports etc.

  • The console default user is admin, the default password is the wifi key which is printed on the base of the unit or on the fridge-magnet.

  • Use a Chromium-based browser to access the console; logging in doesn't work with Firefox.

  • Configure the 5G mode required under Network > 5G > PDP Type. By default this is set to IPv6 but you may find the device runs more reliably if set to IPv4. The device will only fetch an IPv4 or IPv6 address on the WAN port, not both. This means client devices will have difficulty connecting to any internet resources not accessible on IPv6 addresses. Additionally, some clients may connect to the wifi but show as “No internet” if using the IPv6 mode.

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