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Cadzow Backup - The Log.Log file

Each time a backup is performed using the Cadzow Backup icon, information is written to the file log.log. Hence if you wish to check how regularly a site is being backed up using the standard Cadzow routine, check out this file (open it in Microsoft Notepad).

In the below example, you can see that on 28/12/2000 the data was backed up to floppy disk A around 5.05pm. Then someone backed up to hard drive at 10.57pm.



Backup Started [A:\001228] SUSIE 28/12/2000 17:05:06

Backup Completed SUSIE 28/12/2000 17:06:42

Test Started SUSIE 28/12/2000 17:06:44

Test Completed SUSIE 28/12/2000 17:08:04

Backup Started [C:\CADZOW\BACKUPS\00HEATHER 28/12/2000 20:57:00

Backup Completed HEATHER 28/12/2000 20:57:16

Test Started HEATHER 28/12/2000 20:57:32

Test Completed HEATHER 28/12/2000 20:57:34

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