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Setting Up Tax Codes

This is where tax codes can be set up. Changing the percentage of tax codes already used may cause problems: please only change tax codes after discussion with Cadzow.

  1. From the MAIN MENU choose ACCOUNTING.

  2. Choose TAX CODES.

  3. To add a new tax code, use the ADD NEW button and add a new tax code to the base of the list.

    Reference: A short reference for the tax code. Appears on some screens (such as invoicing, purchasing) and some reports.

    Description: A description for the tax code, appears on some reports.

    Percent: Tax percentage.

    Type: The appropriate tax type corresponding to the tax being set up.

    Marker: When printing a docket printer invoice, there is not enough room to show the tax code, so instead a marker is displayed.

    Active: Whether this tax code is still relevant.

    Comments: Any additional comments you want to track against this tax code.

  4. To print the details of a stock item, click on the PRINT button.

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