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Setting up Organisations — Email Addresses

For general information on setting up organisations, please read Article #1160.

Multiple email addresses can be set up for this organisation.

Active: Tick if this email address is still active.

Email Address: Enter the email address here. When you add/update an address, the system checks for invalid formatting (see example below). This will not detect incorrect addresses but will detect most types of mis-keying.

The types of errors detected are:

  • A period (.) or @ at the beginning or end of the address;

  • Missing period (.); there must be at least one

  • Double periods (..);

  • More than one @ (there can be only one); and

  • The presence of the following characters: \ [ ] : ; , < > = ( ) or any with an ASCII value less than 33 (such as tabs, line breaks etc).

Comments: Any other information can be entered into this comments field.

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