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Cadzow Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I quickly invoice customers at the Point Of Sale?

A: If you already have Cadzow 2000 Accounts Receivable you also have the Point of Sale functions. To turn them on, go to Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Settings, Point of Sale. Setup the Default POS Dept and Default POS Account and enable On the invoice screen, show POS button. Then go to Accounts Receivable, New Invoices as per usual. To start invoicing in “POS mode”, press F10. The system will now automatically create invoices in a special mode for speedy entry.

If you have a barcode reader, no special configuration is required because the data that the scanner reads is simply fed into the keyboard buffer as if you typed it normally.

See also “Point of Sale” under Miscellaneous Settings.

Tip: When finding stock codes, the system searches in both the Stock Code and Alternative Reference Code, so typically the former is your internal code for the item and the latter is the barcode.

Q: How can I quickly look up the price of a stock item?

A: As of Cadzow 2000 version 10.08.013, whenever you search for a stock item, either via invoicing, purchasing or F12, you can select Show Default Sell Price and the price will be shown in the search results. (The default sell price is set up under Stock Control, Miscellaneous Settings.)

Q: I’m about to buy a new computer to run Cadzow 2000. What do I need?

A: In terms of speed and capacity, any new system you buy today will be fine but depending on your environment there may be some special requirements. See Cadzow 2000 System Requirements.

Q: New features are often mentioned in Cadzow News. How can I tell what version of Cadzow 2000 I am using? How can I request a newer version?

A: The version you are using is shown on the top left of the screen, in most dialog boxes and at the base of all reports. We regularly send new updates to clients, some via CD, others during a visit or by remote access. Some clients prefer to have regular updates, others want them only every few months. If you see a new feature listed that you want sooner, please contact us and we’ll organise for your systems to be updated.

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