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Cadzow 2000 General Troubleshooting

Most Cadzow 2000 problems relate to a small subset of issues: corrupt or missing program files, missing or invalid environment variables, and general computer/operating system problems.

Possibly Corrupt Local Program Files

The main Cadzow 2000 program logic resides in Access .MDE files. Because these files are constantly being written to, corruption due to power failure or virus activity etc is possible, although rare in practice. Cadzow 2000 will detect a failed startup or improper shutdown and automatically download fresh files. However, if local .MDE corruption is suspected, the files can be manually deleted. Clean copies will then be downloaded the next time the user opens the program.

The locations to delete are:

  • C:\Program Files\Cadzow (if it exists),

  • %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Cadzow (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003), and

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Cadzow (Windows Vista and above).

To fully remove all Cadzow 2000 files from multiple profiles, delete the contents of C:\Program Files\Cadzow, and delete all instances of CADZPROG*.MDE, CADZPROG*.BMP and SUCCESS.ICO.

Missing Fonts

If the screen display is strange, errors are generated when printing reports, or no reports produced, this may indicate missing or damaged font files. One cause of this is using the Microsoft Office 2000 Eraser which removes all Office components, including some fonts used by Cadzow 2000. Reinstate the missing fonts.

Altered Environment Variables

The Cadzow 2000 startup script relies on the predefined environment variables in Windows NT/2000 and above. If these have been overridden or erased the scripts will fail or behave incorrectly.

The environment variables required are:

  • CLIENTNAME (not mandatory)



  • OS


  • SESSIONNAME (not mandatory)


  • TEMP



In addition, the following environment variables are defined during the script:

  • CadIconFile

  • CadProgramDir

  • CadProgramFile

  • CadProgramFile2

  • CadProgramName

  • CadVerSuffix





  • EXE



  • P




  • U

  • WinVersion

These environment variables are cleared at the end of the script; although as it usually runs from an icon it obtains its own environment variables and any changes are not visible to other processes. However if these variables exist for other reasons they may interfere with the way Cadzow 2000 initialises.

Damaged Shortcuts

Shortcuts to MS-DOS programs, batch files or 16-bit Windows programs created in Windows 9x do not run properly in Windows NT/2000 and above. You will receive memory and environment variable errors (usually that TEMP is missing). Shortcuts to documents or 32-bit Windows programs created in Windows 9x do work correctly in Windows NT/2000 and above. As Cadzow 2000 is launched from a script (batch file), a shortcut to this file created in Windows 9x will not migrate to Windows NT/2000 and above.

Delete the shortcut and recreate it.

Database Maintenance

When using Microsoft Access (.MDB) data files, errors in Cadzow 2000 may arise from a damaged data file. Errors in .MDB files can arise from simple events such as power failures or operating system crashes. This can generally be correcting by compacting the data file. Compacting is a process which rewrites all the data pages in the file into logical order, removing deleted space, but also has the effect of fixing low-level data errors such as invalid pointers.

Errors you may experience in Cadzow 2000 are:

  • You can't assign a value to this object.

  • The object may be a control on a read-only form.

  • The object may be on a form that is open in Design view.

  • The value may be too large for this field.

Please contact Cadzow for assistance compacting the database.

If using a SQL Server database, a manual compact/repair should not be required unless you have egregious hardware problems on the server such as bad memory or poor power.

Other Issues

Computer/Operating System Issues

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