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General Ledger Export Engine — Primer & Technical Details

Cadzow 2000 Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable provides a mechanism to export entries to an external General Ledger. Currently the following formats are supported:

  • EXP files for Cadzow General Ledger Package for MS-DOS.

The General Ledger Export Engine (GLEE) is activated by a user with sufficient permissions to do so. The user enters the appropriate Department and the date up to which entries are to be exported. All entries up to and including that date will be exported, except those that have previously been exported. In other words it is possible to export up to the same date more than once without creating extra copies of the same entries.

Note that if an entry has been back-dated into a prior period (whatever “prior period” means to you), it will be included in the current export batch. You may of course back-date the export so that back-dated entries are put into their own batch.

The accounts used are located as follows:

  • Departments contain the debtors control account, creditors control account, GST suspense account and accounting suspense account;

  • Analysis Accounts contain an account code for sales (invoices & credit notes) and an account code for purchases (purchases and purchase credit notes);

  • Bank Accounts contain an account code for receipts (receipts and refunds), payments and cash held back (cash left in till and not banked).

Entries that are Exported

Invoices (GST exclusive component)DebtorsSalesGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Invoices (GST component)DebtorsGST SuspenseGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Credit Notes (GST exclusive component)SalesDebtorsGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Credit Notes (GST component)GST SuspenseDebtorsGrouped and totalled by analysis account
ReceiptsBankDebtorsGrouped and totalled by deposits
RefundsDebtorsBankIndividual entries
Transfer Adjustment (debit)DebtorsSuspenseIndividual entries
Transfer Adjustment (credit)SuspenseCreditorsIndividual entries
Purchases (GST exclusive component)PurchasesCreditorsGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Purchases (GST component)GST SuspenseCreditorsGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Purchase Credit Notes (GST exclusive component)CreditorsPurchasesGrouped and totalled by analysis account
Purchase Credit Notes (GST component)CreditorsGST SuspenseGrouped and totalled by analysis account
PaymentsCreditorsBankIndividual entries

Entries That Are Not Exported

Stock AdjustmentsFuture enhancement
Closing Stock valueStock on hand as a value at the export date is not exported. This is because stock on hand as produced by stock control systems is hardly ever reliable enough to be relied upon without a physical stocktake, especially in high-volume retail environments with decentralised invoicing. Naturally you can generate a stock on hand report and use this figure as a period-end journal entry without a physical stocktake, but the system will not do this for you.
QuotationsNot an accounting transaction
Sales OrdersNot an accounting transaction
Purchase OrdersNot an accounting transaction

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