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Cadzow Software: End Of Year Stuff

Traditionally June 30 is a panic as entries are hurriedly entered into systems so the new financial year can start, but Cadzow 2000 users can ease into the new year as periods can stay open indefinitely. This means you can start July while you finish June. And you won't need to spend all day running hardcopy reports for “archival” purposes either since historical reports are available forever. So you can concentrate on running your business rather than “finish the year”.

However there are a few minor points to be aware of, and these are documented in the Cadzow Knowledgebase. It's not long or complicated so please have a look before the end of the year.

A relatively new feature in Cadzow 2000 is date policies, which prevent users from using inappropriate transaction dates. One important aspect of this is setting an “oldest transaction date policy”. Once you have finished the financial year, the date policy can be set to disallow entries posted before 1st July of the year completed. This can help ensure reports are meaningful as it can be confusing if entries are inappropriately back-dated into periods that are considered finished.

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