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Cadzow Accounting Software for MS-DOS: Printer Specifications

Cadzow Accounting Software for MS-DOS, like all MS-DOS applications, does not use the Windows environment to print and therefore cannot use the advanced features provided by modern printers.

What Cadzow Accounting Software for MS-DOS Supports

Cadzow Accounting Software requires so-called “legacy” printer languages/emulations:

  • Epson ESC/P

  • Epson ESC/P2

  • IBM Proprinter, or

  • PCL

It also requires:

  • 80 printable columns at 10 pitch;

  • The ability to treat LF=LF+CR and CR=CR.

In addition, Cadzow Accounting Software requires a parallel or network port accessible as LPT1.

What Cadzow Accounting Software for MS-DOS Does Not Support

  • Postscript

  • Windows GDI

  • Host-based printing

  • ESC/P2 Raster (as used in modern Epson inkjet printers)

  • CARPS (Canon Advanced Raster Printing System)

  • USB

  • Bluetooth

  • Wireless

  • Infrared (unless accessible as LPT1)

Printer Types

  • Dot Matrix — Virtually all dot matrix printers still contain legacy emulations.

  • Inkjet — Early inkjet printers used derivatives of the standard ESC/P or IBM Proprinter emulations and were thus indistinguishable from dot matrix printers from a software point of view. Modern inkjets use up to 8 colours and are capable of resolutions of up to 5760 dots per inch, so the commands used to generate a page have become significantly more complex. To deal with this complexity some printers no longer have an internal printer language; instead they rely on the rasterising engine of the operating system (such as Windows or Mac OS). There are very few inkjet printers that even use parallel ports.

    It is true that modern inkjet printers will print from MS-DOS applications, but because they do not support the appropriate printer languages, everything will print in “plain text” and condensed, 12 pitch, 5 pitch etc will not work. Most Cadzow Accounting Software reports use condensed and invoices and statements use a variety of sizes.

  • Laser — Although many entry-level laser printers now use host-based raster printing (where the image is rendered by the operating system instead of by the printer), there are still many models which use legacy emulations such as PCL and even a few that support dot matrix languages such as Epson ESC/P and IBM Proprinter.

    However, laser printers have a “dead zone” which means they can only print 76 or 77 columns (at 10 pitch), whereas many Cadzow Accounting Software reports use 80 columns. However, some models support a resizing feature which slightly shrinks the page so the full width can be printed.

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