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Using Custom Fields

Cadzow 2000 Contact Manager allows the creation of Custom Fields, which are assigned to organisations. Custom Fields allow you to store additional information against customers and suppliers in a structured and searchable way.

For example, you may wish to track the months in which a customer is to be visited by a sales rep. The comment field for each Custom Field also allows extra information to be entered.

To Enable Custom Fields

  1. Click the Contact Manager tab.

  2. Choose Miscellaneous Settings.

  3. Choose the Contact Manager II tab.

  4. Enable Under Organisations & People, track Custom Fields.

  5. Choose Close.

To Create Custom Fields

  1. Click the Contact Manager tab.

  2. Choose Custom Fields.

  3. Enter the name of the custom field required, for example “NEXT SITE VISIT”.

    Other fields such as Sort Order, Mapping Code may be left as the defaults.

  4. Click Close.

To Assign Custom Fields to Organisations

  1. Click the Contact Manager tab.

  2. Choose Organisations.

  3. Press F3 to search for and select an organisation.

    (Note that F6 can also be used to quickly find an organisation from anywhere in Cadzow 2000.)

  4. Click Custom Fields from the Control Panel.

  5. Choose each custom field as required, and enter the Answer and any additional Comments.

    For example, if the custom field is “NEXT SITE VISIT”, the Answer could be “JUNE”, and the comment could be “Wants to talk about building a second warehouse”.

  6. Repeat for any additional custom fields required.

  7. Click Close, back to summary.

To Query Custom Fields

  1. Click the Contact Manager tab.

  2. Choose Enquiries — Contacts.

  3. Choose the Advanced Search Criteria tab.

  4. Next to Custom Fields, choose the custom fields you are interested in (maximum of three), and the values you are interested in. To see all organisations with any value against the custom field chosen, simply enter an asterisk (*) as the search value.

  5. Choose any other criteria you wish.

  6. Choose Next Step (Results).

    The Enquiry will show all organisations with matching custom fields.

  7. To generate a report, choose the Reports tab, click Simple List (Alphabetical), Address, Phone, Email, Web and Custom Fields (and any other report elements required), and click Print/Preview ALL of the Select report(s).

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