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Client paid one amount for two different accounts, but allocated entire amount to one account by mistake. How to fix?

Let's say you have two accounts (say SMITH and JONES). That you had one $100 cheque to allocate $60 against SMITH and $40 against JONES. But that you marked the entire $100 against SMITH.

To fix these accounts we are going to reverse the initial receipt in full, then create two new receipts for the proper amount, then tidy up the banking:

  1. Use ENQUIRIES to find and load the initial receipt for SMITH.

  2. Reverse it (use the receipt button).

  3. Now create a new receipt for that account SMITH, but only for $60.

  4. Create a new receipt for JONES, but only for $40. Now the account balances for both SMITH and JONES should be correct.

  5. Go into CURRENT BANKING. Mark the reversed receipt (-$100) and the two new receipts ($60 and $40). The total banking amount will be zero. Now UPDATE the banking.

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