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Alexander Whitson-Fay

George Whitson-Fay

Molly Patricia Whitson-Fay

Keith Allan Whitson-Fay

Sheila Essington Whitson-Fay

Eric Burnett Vass

Louie A Bolt — sculptor — cousin of Eric Burnett Vass (died around 1998)

Louise Bolt

Louisa Bolt

Richard Bolt — her husband (died around 1979)

John Bolt — Doctor — married to Carol

Peter Bolt — married to Sue

George H Vass (born 1845 died 1908)

Maria Jones (born 1848 died 1923)

Maria Vass

George William Vass

Flora Amelia Bailey Vass

Margaret Maria Vass

John Binning Vass

Andrew Charles Vass

Henry Robert Vass

William Robert Vass

David Urquhart Vass

Frederick Wells Burnett (born 1848) married Elizabeth Green 09/09/1871

Margaret Burnett (born 27/10/1876), Catherine Elizabeth Burnett (15/10/1878)

Benedict Essington Fay

These names have been placed on the internet for family research purposes. Please contact us if you have any information.
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