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Cadzow Software: New Stuff

SMS and Faxes by Email: If you have an email fax gateway, or access to an SMS by email service, you can generate email strings from Cadzow 2000 using the stored mobile and facsimile numbers. Cadzow 2000 generates the prefix and suffix codes so all you need to do is copy and paste the addresses into your email client.

Vista Support: Cadzow 2000 has had some tweaks to better support the new Windows Vista.

Cash Sale Invoices: After you commit an invoice that has COD terms, the receipting screen will now keep prompting for payments until you stop. This makes it possible to accept multiple payments for a cash sale (eg. some cash and some credit card), or to accept a part payment and leave the rest on account.

Enquiries: Many Enquiries options have been made much faster.

Stock Control: Stock adjustments can now be assigned to departments.

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