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Reports Question: How many bookings? (single bookings as well as multiple bookings)

Enquiries step 2 under statistical reports, there is a new report in version 2007.05.001 and later.

How to interpret these figures? If you are using these figures to estimate staffing resources required to manage room bookings, then only rely on these figures as a rough guide as there are other factors to take into account. Such as, allowing time for:

  • Troubleshoot bookings (e.g. Moving bookings to a different room, changing bookings, deleting bookings etc)

  • Tracking audits and charging fines.

  • Printing weekly door sheets

  • Preparing reports for management and workgroups.

  • Dealing with external bodies booking rooms.

  • Training on the use of the software.

  • General discussions with workgroups, their managers, Client Services, the IT support staff, the executive and the Facilities manager

  • Plus other factors that your staff might be aware of!

The time it takes to enter a multiple booking is probably very similar to a single booking. The software handles them very quickly either way.

Naturally this report does not include deleted bookings (so time would have been spent entering bookings, then deleting them).

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