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Transfer future bookings to another stock item

This feature gives you the ability to transfer figures on uninvoiced bookings from one stock item to another. This simply changes the stock code and line item description (ie. not qty, price, cost, tax status etc).

WARNING: This is a very powerful feature and can not be undone.

  1. From the MAIN MENU, choose BOOKING MANAGER.

  2. Choose ENQUIRIES.

  3. Whatever bookings you are interested in (eg. Under ADVANCED II choose BOOKING STATUS = NOT INVOICED, under ADVANCED choose the STOCK item you are interested in).

  4. Choose NEXT STEP. Are these really the bookings you are interested in?


  6. Choose STOCK CODES (from and to).


REMEMBER: If you are using the budgeting feature, you may need to review future budgets and manually change them (against media/analysis or just plain analysis).

Only users with permissions to MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS have access to this feature.

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