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Importing Stock Data

Cadzow can import stock information into Cadzow 2000. (This is done in our lab, there is no external graphical user interface.)

This is most commonly data from vendors and distributors, but could also be data from other internal systems such as price lists.

Importation Process

  1. Cadzow takes delivery of price data and spends a few days analysing it;

  2. Cadzow makes arrangements with you to take a copy of your data overnight or over a weekend;

  3. Cadzow merges the new data with the Cadzow 2000 database;

  4. Database is returned to your site.

Information which already exists in the Cadzow 2000 database will be skipped. This is usually matched by part number.

Note that this is mainly a process to import a large number of stock items in bulk, not a process to make micro-changes to the price lists. Once the data is imported, edits (price, part number changes etc.) will need to be made manually.

Information Supported

The following information can be supported. None is mandatory.

  • Part number;

  • Manufacturer's part number;

  • Barcode;

  • Short description for transactions (invoices, purchase orders etc);

  • Additional description for transactions;

  • Long description for price lists;

  • Other comments for internal purposes;

  • GST rate (will be assumed to be 10% if not specified);

  • Cost price (ex-GST); and

  • Whether to track serial numbers (yes/no).

There are many other fields; these are the most common. Please let us know if you have some extra information which needs to be imported.

Formats Supported

  • Comma-separated values (.CSV);

  • Fixed-width text (.TXT);

  • Excel spreadsheet (.XLS);

  • Access database (.MDB); and

  • SQL Server database (.MDF).

If you have data in another format, please ask us as we may be able to accommodate it.

Information in Acrobat (.PDF) and Word (.DOC, .RTF) files is generally not appropriate unless it is formatted in a flat list.

Files may be zipped (.ZIP) or compressed using other standard formats (eg. .RAR).

Column Specifications

There is no particular column order required. However we prefer the columns to be correctly labelled.

Media Supported

  • Email up to 50Mb (preferred);

  • CD/DVD;

  • USB external hard disk drives and Flash drives; and

  • Some flash memory card types.

Please send all physical media to our post office box. See Contact Details.

ZIP disks, tape, DAT and other removable media are not supported.

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