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Disk Drive Erasing Service

Cadzow TECH Pty Ltd provides a hard disk drive erasing service for serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives.

There are a variety of techniques we use to secure old drives.

  1. If the drive can be removed from the machine and it is in working order, we use Bitlocker to encrypt the entire drive with a strong password. The drive can then be repurposed (reformatted) or sent to electronic waste recycling.

  2. If the drive cannot be removed but is functional, we boot a disk eraser and wipe the drive at a low-level.

  3. If the drive is faulty and cannot be mounted to be erased, it is sent to an industrial shredding service where it is destroyed.

  4. If the drive has too many bad sectors for Bitlocker, files are securely erased as much as possible. It is then sent to shredding.

  5. Other media which cannot be mounted, such as floppy disks, tapes, parallel ATA drives, server drives with non-standard interfaces etc are sent to be shredded.

    Note that this service is not certified to any security standard, and no assurances are provided about recoverability of data from the drives.

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