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Configuring iPhone/iPad with NetRegistry Mailbox

  1. Tap Settings:

  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  3. Tap Add Account…

  4. Tap Other.

  5. Tap Add Mail Account.

  6. Enter your Name, Email Address, and the Password.

  7. Tap Next.

  8. Choose IMAP or POP (IMAP is suggested).

    Fill in the remaining fields as follows:

    Incoming Mail Server

    or (depending on what you choose above)
    User Name<Your Email Address> (eg. [email protected])
    Password<Your Email Password>

    Outgoing Mail Server

    User Name<Your Email Address> (eg. [email protected])
    Password<Your Email Password>

  9. Tap Next.

    Wait a few moments.

    If the details cannot be verified, check what has been entered and try again.

    If the details can be verified, the process progresses to the next screen.

  10. Ensure Mail is switched On, and Notes is Off:

  11. Tap Save.

    You will now be returned to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen.

  12. Tap on the newly-created mail account.

  13. Tap Account.

  14. Scroll down and tap Advanced.

  15. Tap Deleted Mailbox.

  16. Tap the folder on the server which corresponds to deleted items:

  17. Tap Advanced.

  18. Tap Account.

  19. Tap Done.

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