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iTunes Does Not Recognise iPod/iPhone/iPad

iTunes may not recognise an iPod/iPhone/iPad, even though Windows has successfully detected the device, and prompts to open it.

This may occur if the drivers on the system which Windows used to install the device are out of date.

To remedy:

  1. Ensure iTunes is up to date by checking Apple Software Update. Allow the system to reboot if prompted.

  2. Leave the iPod/iPhone/iPad attached.

  3. Open Device Manager.

  4. Browse to Portable Devices and expand the view.

  5. Right-click the device, and choose Update Driver Software.

  6. Choose Browse My Computer For Driver Software (or similar).

  7. Choose the location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers.

    Windows should recognise the newer drivers and apply them to the device.

    iTunes should then open and detect the device.

See also iPhone/iPad Unable To Install MTP USB Device, Cannot Browse Camera Roll.

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