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Unable to Access Remote System Via

2Wire routers contain a feature which allows a domain name of the form <Name> to be created which points back to the IP address of the router. This allows services hosted from the network to be available on the Internet through a predictable address even if the IP of the router changes after a reboot/reset.

However as of late 2013, 2Wire was acquired by another company and the service was deprecated.

Telstra has replaced the service for its customers by allowing the creation of domain names of the form <Name> To configure the domain name:

  1. Open the router's configuration page (typically

  2. Click Remote Access.

  3. Under Domain Name, click Edit Settings.

    You will be taken to a Bigpond web page which allows a domain name to be entered.

  4. Enter the name and click Save.

    You should then be returned to the router's administration console which should show the new name.

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