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iTunes MSVCR80.DLL Error

When starting, iTunes may display an error about MSVCR80.DLL missing. (This is a red herring because iTunes does not have a dependency on MSVCR80.DLL.) Additionally you may find that the Apple Mobile Device service is not started, and cannot be started, and that Apple Mobile Device Support software cannot be uninstalled or repaired.

To resolve:

  1. Use Sysinternals' Autoruns Tool to delete the Apple Mobile Device entry from the Services tab. (Note: use Ctrl-D to delete, as opposed to simply unticking the entry. This causes the service to be scheduled for deletion.)

    Then delete the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver (USBAAPL or USBAAPL64) from the Drivers tab.

  2. Reboot.

  3. The Apple Mobile Device Support software may now be uninstalled.

    If uninstalling doesn't succeed, repair Apple Mobile Device Support first. (Choose Ignore for any errors.) Then uninstall.

  4. Uninstall all other Apple software.

  5. Reboot.

  6. Reinstall iTunes.

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