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Opening A Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox via IMAP

Unlike a user mailbox, an Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox cannot be opened via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which is the default way to interact with such mailboxes.

However, the account can be configured using IMAP.

To do so, you need the Microsoft 365 credentials of a user that has acces to the mailbox, and the alias of the shared mailbox.

Suppose the shared mailbox is [email protected], a user with access is [email protected] and the alias is sales1.

Then use the following settings:

NameAs required
Email[email protected]
IMAP Port993
IMAP Username[email protected]\sales1
[email protected]\[email protected]
(Different devices accept different syntax — use whichever works.)
IMAP Password[Password]
SMTP Port587
SMTP Username[email protected]
SMTP Password[Password]

Note that in this scenario, the outgoing email is processed through the credentials of the main user. So those messages are stored in the Sent Items folder of both the shared mailbox and the main user. This is a behaviour change that seems to have occurred in around October 2018. Prior to this, the messages were stored only in the shared mailbox.

(For latest POP/IMAP/SMTP settings for Microsoft 365, see here.)

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