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Case Study: Poor NBN Upload Speed


  • HFC NBN Service 50/20Mbps, unlimited data plan.

  • Fritz!Box 7272 with older gigabit Netgear switch.

  • Some devices attached via ethernet cable.

  • Some devices using wifi.

  • Some machines have very slow upload via OneDrive and Dropbox and endless synchronizing of folders in Outlook/Office 365.

  • Inbound connections to Remote Desktop hosts sluggish and prone to drop/reconnect.

  • showed download speeds of around 46Mbps, upload speeds of about 150Kbps.


  • No outage notifications from ISP.

  • Soft-rebooted router — no change.

  • Power-cycled router, switch and HFC modem — no change.

  • Tried SpeedTest app on iOS — tests normal (approx 48/18Mbps).

  • Other devices on wifi test OK.

  • Disconnected affected laptops from ethernet and connected via wifi — now OK.

  • Replaced patch lead from switch to router — now OK.

  • Put back original patch lead from switch to router — now OK.

  • Devices with pending changes for Dropbox, OneDrive and Outlook/Office 365 were able to complete normally.

  • A week or so later, problem returned. Reseated cables etc, no change.

  • Replaced Netgear switch — now OK.


  • Faulty/failing switch.

  • Local networking issues can look like upstream Internet problems.

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