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Case Study: STOP 0x133 Errors on Lenovo IdeaPad

A Lenovo IdeaPad 130 running Windows 10 Pro v1909 suddenly started crashing with STOP 0x00000133 (DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION). However, when we brought the unit into our lab, it started correctly, and we were unable to reproduce any startup or disk problems.

Upon returning to the clients' site, it immediately started crashing again.

We brought the machine back to the lab, updated the BIOS, Intel management engine firmware, updated to Windows 10 v2004 and ran chkdsk /f. All drivers were up to date.

Back to the clients' site, and it started crashing again.

We surmised there may be a corrupt wifi connection, so we moved the device out of wifi range, restarted and then deleted the connections. Once back into wifi range, it started up normally and behaved normally. But as soon as we joined the machine back to the wifi, it froze and crashed.

We then power-cycled the wifi router (Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 connected to HFC NBN), and were then able to connect to the wifi without any further trouble.

The unit has a Realtek 8821CE 802.11ac wireless LAN adaptor.

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