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Cancelling Print Jobs

Cancelling Print Jobs with Cadzow Tool

If your system is managed by Cadzow TECH, you will have a shortcut on your desktop called Clean Printer Queue:

  1. Double-click this shortcut and answer Yes when prompted whether you want to allow it to make changes to your computer.

  2. Answer Y when prompted “Do you wish to clear out all print jobs?

    The routine will attempt to clean out all pending print jobs and also performs some tasks which may resolve some connectivity issues.

    If you choose N, it just restarts the printer system which may also fix some issues.

Cancelling Print Jobs via Windows

  1. Click Start, Settings, Printers.

  2. Double-click the relevant printer. This will show you all print jobs waiting (if any):

  3. If you want to delete a single print job, click on it and press the Delete key.

  4. If you want to delete all choose Printer, Purge all print jobs (in some versions of Windows this is called “Cancel all print jobs” or “Cancel all documents” etc).

See also Cancelling Print Jobs Manually.

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