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Shortcut Keys and Keyboard Template

Shortcut Keys

F2Highlight entire field
F4Add New
F6Quick load organisation
F7Quick load transaction/job/article
F10Add new cash sale in POS invoice
F11Commit transaction
F12Quick load stock
Ctrl-F1Alter booking
Ctrl-F2Copy invoice, purchase, booking etc
Ctrl-F3Cancel booking
Ctrl-F4Load organisation's projects (Time Manager only)
Shift-F1Show my outstanding tasks
Shift-F2For the current field, zoom in on the text
Shift-F3On invoices etc show or hide extra details
Shift-F4Add new help desk job
Shift-F5In an invoice, credit note or booking, show field prompts
Shift-F6Quick load person
Shift-F7On invoices, bookings etc create & link new job number
Shift-F8On invoices, purchases etc apply unit multiplier
Shift-F10    On invoices, bookings etc show job summary
Shift-F11Add new time entry
Shift-F12On invoices, purchases and other transactions, changes the line item's price to the ex-GST value by assuming the entered price is the inc-GST value

Keyboard Template

To help you become familiar with Cadzow 2000's function key shortcuts, a keyboard template is available.

Download the following file: KeyboardShortcuts.pdf, trim it and place on your keyboard.

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